Security Token Offerings (STOs)

Unlock new opportunities in fundraising and investment with Vestate’s Security Token Offering platform. Launch and subscribe to compliant tokenized securities, expanding your options in the digital asset ecosystem.


Security Token Offerings

Vestate’s STO Solution empowers issuers to efficiently launch compliant security token offerings, while providing flexibility in tokenization options and robust investor management tools.

Investors gain access to a wide range of tokenized security offerings, subscribing to investment opportunities tailored to their preferences and expanding their portfolio with diversified asset classes.



Accelerate Your STO Launch

Vestate empowers STO launchers with comprehensive tools and services, ensuring a secure and compliant environment while offering flexibility and efficiency in managing security token offerings.

Custody Service

Securely safeguard tokenized assets with Vestate's robust custody solutions, ensuring asset protection and authorized access through trusted partners.

Streamlined Subscriptions

Manage the STO subscription process seamlessly, from investor and token allocation to investor management and communications.

Efficient Settlements

Enable smooth payment processing and settlements using Vestate's integrated solutions and blockchain-based smart contracts.

Compliant Customisation

Customize your STO to meet regulatory requirements and investor preferences, including lock-up periods, transfer restrictions, and dividend distributions.

Unlock Opportunities

Access exclusive asset classes, unlocking new investment opportunities and diversification potential.

Escrow Payments

Ensure fund security through Vestate's reliable escrow system, enabling safe and transparent transactions.

Investor Protections

Invest confidently with Vestate's adherence to regulatory standards, safeguarding investor interests and providing compliance solutions.

Vestate Ecosystem

Leverage the power of the Vestate ecosystem, connecting with issuers, investors, and experts for enhanced investment opportunities and resources.


Seamless STO Participation

Unlock a world of investment opportunities as an STO subscriber on Vestate’s platform. Benefit from transparent access to curated offerings, secure payment escrow, regulatory compliance, and investor protection.

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