De-Fi Margin

Supercharge your investment strategy with Vestate’s powerful De-Fi Margin solution. Obtain instant margins by leveraging your security tokens to reinvest in other opportunities and maximise returns. Access unutilized margins through the Vestate Card.



Unlock Margins, Empower Investments

With Vestate’s De-Fi Margin solution, unlock the potential of your security tokens by obtaining instant margins. Reinvest in diverse opportunities, maximize returns, and stay ahead in the dynamic investment landscape. The Vestate Card offers seamless access to unutilized margins, empowering you to make purchases and manage repayments effortlessly.

Instant Margins

Leverage your security tokens to obtain margins instantly, enabling you to expand your investment portfolio and seize emerging opportunities.

Flexible Reinvestment

Reinvest margins in the same asset or explore new investment avenues across the Vestate platform, diversifying and optimizing your investment strategy.

Vestate Card Convenience

Access unutilized margins conveniently through the Vestate Card to make purchases like any other credit card while automatically allocating dividends and sale proceeds towards repayments.

Your Gateway to Secure Token Management

De-Fi Margins open a new realm of possibilities, offering numerous benefits for investors. Unlock the potential of your assets to access additional funds, explore new investment opportunities, and amplify your returns in the dynamic and ever-evolving investment landscape.


Increased Buying Power

Leverage your assets to obtain a margin, significantly increasing your investment capacity.


Reinvest the margin in a diverse range of assets, spreading risk and gaining exposure to various markets.

Maximize Returns

By utilizing the margin to invest in promising opportunities, you can amplify potential returns and optimize your investment performance.

Flexible Allocation

Adjust your portfolio composition by reallocating the margin to capitalize on emerging trends and seize new investment prospects.

Effortless Process

The seamless integration of the De-Fi Margin solution on Vestate's platform allows for easy access to your margin and streamlined reinvestment.

Enhanced Liquidity

Unlock additional liquidity without selling your assets, providing financial flexibility and enabling quick access to funds.

Opportunity Capture

Seize time-sensitive investment opportunities promptly and take advantage of market dynamics to maximize your investment potential.

Risk Management

Mitigate risk through a diversified investment approach and effectively manage potential losses by offsetting them with profitable investments.

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