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Explore secure real estate investment opportunities through token offerings. Access crowdfunding for properties and invest in tokenized bonds and credit linked notes backed by prime real estate assets.

Tokenised Real Estate

Explore equity- and debt-based investment opportunities in tokenised real estate, providing diversification and high financial returns.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Participate in real estate crowdfunding for fractional ownership of investment-grade properties, and benefit from rental income and property appreciation.

Credit Linked Notes

Invest in tokenised CLNs tied to specific real estate projects, providing exposure to their financial performance and potential returns.

Bond Financing

Explore tokenised bond investments that finance real estate projects, offering opportunities to earn fixed income and participate in property-backed securities.

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Unleash the Power of New Age Investing

Vestate brings you the opportunity to invest as little as you want in equity and debt for high-yield properties that generate rental income and appreciate in value over time. 


Access to a once unattainable investment class by dividing property ownership into investable portions.


Performance of real estate portfolio is better in the longer run due to its intrinsic value and consistent cash flow.

Expert Management

Expert Management by experienced real estate professionals to identify, acquire and improve properties.


Diversification of real estate portfolio across different locations, asset classes and investment methods.


Ownership of tangible properties provides downside protection compared to other asset classes.

Convenient Exit

Convenient Exit by liquidating your investment on either the resale market or entire asset sale.


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Crowdfunding and Tokenisation of Real Estate Assets

Information available for investors

Crowdfunding of asset allots equity in the SPV to participating investors

Tokens are allocated according to investments and are available for transfers on the marketplace



Recorded on

Special Purpose
Vehicle owns asset

Equity interests in SPV
are tokenized

Regulated securities

Tokenised Bonds

Vestate and its partner banks employ a bank-bond financing model to fund grade-A real estate projects. In this structure, the bank holds a first lien position, while Vestate tokenizes and offers bonds with a second lien position to investors.

Tokenised CLNs

Vestate, in collaboration with its partner financial institutions and banks, tokenizes Credit Linked Notes as flexible debt-based securities. These CLNs offer investors returns that are tied to the performance of the underlying real estate assets.


Financial Licenses and Partnerships

ECSP License

Vestate is receiving a European Crowdfunding Service Provider License from Dutch AFM for tokenizing and crowdfunding real estate and equity assets up to €5 Million.

Crowdfunding License

Vestate plans to apply for a Crowdfunding License under FSRA/DFSA, offering equity, debt, and property-based crowdfunding services and tokenization in the MENA region.

Other Financial Institutions

Vestate has partnered with financial service providers like Lonmile and Athos Group, and banks like SEBA and J. Safra Sarasin for the issuance and tokenisation of bonds and CLNs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common queries about GFL, its operating model and how you can participate in the ecosystem. For more specific questions, please feel free to contact us

Investing in tokenized real estate offers diversification, fractional ownership, potential for passive income, lower investment thresholds, increased liquidity, and access to a global real estate market.

Yes, Vestate enables secondary market trading of tokenized real estate holdings, offering liquidity and flexibility. Investors can buy or sell tokens, subject to applicable holding periods and regulatory requirements.

Vestate has its deal sourcing funnel from world leading funds and employs rigorous due diligence processes to evaluate real estate assets. Factors considered include property quality, market potential, location, and the track record of property owners or developers.

Yes, investors can typically invest in tokenized real estate on Vestate using various fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, subject to KYC requirements and applicable regulations.

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