ABST Protocol

Introducing an industry-first, EVM-compatible, and interoperable multi-layer protocol tailored for security tokens. Unlock powerful integrations, compliantly tokenize real assets, and unleash their full potential with limitless possibilities for maximum value creation.

The Most Powerful Tokenization Protocol!

Bring assets on chain and manage tokens on Vestates’s proprietary protocol. Experience seamless interoperability, enhanced scalability, and real-time data feeds through our integrations with cross-chain frameworks and oracles.

Multi-layer and cross-chain compatible

In-built compliance & regulatory adherence

Third Party Integrations for hyper-capabilities

Secure and Scalable Infrastructure

Integrations on the ABST Protocol

Explore the powerful integrations that enhance the capabilities of Vestate ABST Protocol and enable seamless interaction with other blockchain ecosystems.


Integration with protocols like Polkadot and Cosmos for cross-chain compatibility.


Layer-2 scaling with sidechains and state channels for enhanced transaction throughput.


Integration with trusted oracles to embed real-world data required for token operations

Asset Partitioning

Support for partitioning assets into different classes or tranches for flexible token structuring.


Integrated SSID frameworks for enhanced identity verification and portability.


Seamless integration with decentralized exchanges for trading and liquidity provision.


Track performance, monitor token holders, and analyse underlying portfolio in real time.


Zero-knowledge proofs and ring signatures for better transparency and auditability.

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