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Discover the essence of Vestate – a trailblazing financial technology company revolutionizing the world of digital investments. Learn about our visionary approach, cutting-edge solutions, and unwavering commitment to driving innovation in the realm of asset tokenisation and financial inclusion.

About Us

About Vestate

At Vestate, we are leading the charge in bridging real assets into the digital realm. Our comprehensive technology platform provides end-to-end solutions for security tokenisation, encompassing everything from token issuance and management to facilitating compliant offerings.

With a focus on seamless integration and cutting-edge innovation, we empower businesses to embrace the opportunities presented by security tokens and tap into the vast potential of the digital economy. 

As a trusted partner of global financial institutions, Vestate brings together expertise, technology, and regulatory compliance to transform the way assets are accessed, managed, and traded.

We are driving the adoption of security tokens as modern and efficient financial instruments, enabling investors to participate in a new era of digital finance.


Igniting the Future of Finance

Our Vision

To ignite a global paradigm shift, where regulated security tokens transcend boundaries, democratize wealth, unlock infinite value, and reshape global financial systems.

Our Mission

To bridge real-world assets to the digital realm through regulated security tokens, providing unparalleled access, liquidity, and innovation in the investment space.

Our Values

Vision, Excellence, Security, Trust, Accountability, Transparency, and Empowerment (VESTATE) guide our commitment to trusted asset tokenization and finance.

Our Services

Moony Financial Services

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Retirement Plans

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Risk Management

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Estate Planning

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Personal Portfolio

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Impact Investing

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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Tokenisation has the potential to unlock access to a wide range of assets for a new demographic of investors.

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Size of private markets out of which only $4.2B is tokenized

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of investment opportunities are inaccessible to retail investors

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average return for retail investors v/s 17.5%+ for the top 1%

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of investors do not utilize debt to finance their asset investments

Our Team

People Building Vestate

Discover the talented individuals who form the core of Vestate, united in their pursuit of innovation and excellence in the field of asset tokenization and digital finance.

Saksham Kukreja


Ashish Malhotra


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