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Redefining ownership in the digital era with regulated, asset-backed security tokens to open limitless opportunities for investment and finance.

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    About Us

    About Vestate

    Vestate is a leading technology company that specializes in providing tokenization solutions to financially regulated firms. Our advanced platform enables the secure issuance and management of asset-backed security tokens, ensuring regulatory compliance and protecting token holders’ rights. 

    To bridge real-world assets to the digital realm through regulated security tokens, providing unparalleled access, liquidity, and innovation in the investment space.

    To ignite a global paradigm shift, where regulated security tokens transcend boundaries, democratize wealth, unlock infinite value, and reshape global financial systems.


    Current Opportunities

    Tokenising Diverse Asset Classes

    Embrace the wealth of diverse, regulated asset classes tokenized on the Vestate platform, in collaboration with trusted financial partners.
    Experience a new era of asset ownership and build a liquid, diversified portfolio.


    Europe’s first regulated gold token, each of which is backed by 1g of physical gold.


    Real Estate

    Security tokens allowing ownership of fractional real estate, bonds and CLNs.


    Carbon Credits

    Standardised, tradable carbon tokens capable of offset in different jurisdictions.



    Tokenised funds allowing portfolio rebalance and exits within closed network of investors.


    Our Services

    Our Platform

    Unleash the limitless potential of digital securities with Vestate One, our meticulously crafted end-to-end technology platform for asset-backed security tokens.
    Seamlessly integrating innovation, security, and accessibility, Vestate One forges a path to unprecedented wealth creation and boundless opportunities.

    ABST Protocol

    Experience Vestate's proprietary tokenisation protocol, a framework specifically designed for asset-backed security tokens, ensuring seamless interoperability and compliance.

    ABST Wallet

    Safeguard your asset-backed security tokens with the secure and user-friendly ABST Wallet, providing peace of mind and convenient management of your digital holdings.

    Security Token Offerings

    Unlock new investor demographics by digitizing securities & investment opportunities through our STO solution. Empower investors with compliant access to tokenized assets.

    Secondary Marketplace

    Access the Secondary Marketplace on Vestate One, enabling frictionless trading of tokens, enhancing liquidity, and granting investors the freedom to enter or exit investments anytime.

    DeFi Margin

    Utilize DeFi Margins on Vestate One to stake your underlying assets and secure lines of credit. Use this margin for reinvestment in other opportunities and optimize returns.

    Vestate Card:

    Pay using the Vestate Card, an industry-first initiative for token holders. Access your line of credit through a credit card, with investment returns automatically used for repayment.

    Why choose us

    Unlocking Liquidity and Accessibility

    Empowering a new demographic of investors by enabling participation in traditionally restricted and illiquid opportunities.

    Global Access to Elite Opportunities

    Democratizing elite investment opportunities worldwide through digital, fractional ownership.

    Liquidity in the Secondary Markets

    Trade holdings with ease, ensuring risk-free entry and exit for investors at any time.

    Maximize Returns with DeFi

    Leverage assets for margins, reinvestment, or credit lines to optimize investment performance.

    Regulatory Excellence

    Prioritizing investor protection and compliance by partnering exclusively with regulated entities.



    Tokenisation for Everyone

    From consulting and structuring to our powerful Web3 platform, we empower businesses to embrace digital transformation and harness the power of blockchain for seamless asset management and global growth.

    For Financial Institutions

    If you're an issuer of investment objects like securities and commodities, you can tokenize your offerings on Vestate. Expand your subscriber base and tap into a global network of investors.

    For Companies

    Harness Vestate's technology to tokenize your company's equity. Digitally manage a larger pool of investors, raise capital through crowdfunding, and streamline equity management.

    For Private Equity Funds

    Empower your LPs with Vestate's tokenisation solutions. Optimize fund performance, enable efficient portfolio rebalancing, and attract a broader range of accredited investors.

    For Investors

    Invest in previously inaccessible and illiquid assets through Vestate's platform. Diversify your portfolio, access new investment opportunities, and participate in the future of finance with ease.

    Secure Tokenisation

    How We Work With Financial Institutions

    Discover how we partner with financial institutions to provide tailored solutions for secure tokenization and seamless issuance of security tokens.

    Whitelabeled Software as a Service

    Launch Offerings on Vestate One

    Legal and Compliance Structures


    What People Say
    About Us

    Testimonials from financial institutions experiencing the transformative impact of Vestate’s innovative solutions and unlocking new dimensions of growth and success

    Mr. Markwin Maring CEO of Goldflorin

    "Vestate's platform has the potential to revolutionize the gold market. As CEO of Goldflorin, I am excited about the prospects of tokenizing gold assets and making them accessible to a wider audience. Vestate is driving the future of gold investments and bringing the gold standard back to life."

    Mr. Markus Giebel CEO of CES Invest

    "CES is committed to embracing innovative investment solutions. Vestate's upcoming platform offers a groundbreaking approach to tokenizing real estate assets, providing enhanced liquidity and opportunities for investors. We are excited to explore this new avenue for growth and diversification."

    Dr. Ganapathi Arumugam MD of Enhanced Biofuels and Technologies

    "Enhanced Biofuels and Technologies is thrilled to partner with Vestate to explore the potential of tokenized carbon credits. Their platform promises to transform the way we trade and invest in carbon markets, unlocking new possibilities and driving sustainability initiatives forward."

    Mr. Dhilip Puroshothaman CEO of Alatree Ventures

    "I see great potential in Vestate's platform to open doors to private equity investments and expand access to a diverse range of asset classes. Their innovative approach is poised to revolutionize the investment landscape, and we are eager to be a part of this transformative journey."

    Mr. Amit Jain Director of Mahagun Group

    "Vestate's platform presents a paradigm shift in real estate investments. We are excited about the possibilities of fractional ownership and increased liquidity through tokenization. This innovative approach has the potential to reshape the industry and empower investors."

    Mr. Roberto Croci Director of Value Creation & Transformation at PIF Saudi Arabia.

    "Vestate's vision for the future of finance is truly inspiring. I see immense potential of their platform in driving the digitization of assets and shaping a new financial ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate their future achievements."


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