Discover the potential of the Goldflorin Token (GFL), Europe’s first regulated, gold-backed security token. Each GFL is backed by one gram of physical gold, reinstating the gold standard in the financial ecosystem.

Goldflorin Token

Introducing the Goldflorin Token (GFL): Europe’s first gold-backed token, backed by the Dutch financial regulators. Each GFL token is backed by 1 gram of certified gold, securely stored in a vault, and audited by trusted custodians.

Issued under a license from the Dutch Financial Authorities, each token represents direct ownership of segregated LBMA Gold bars. This allows for a secure, digital way to own and trade gold – without incurring any holding costs. 

Trust in a reliable and auditable investment opportunity that combines the timeless allure of gold with the efficiency and possibilities of the digital age.


Goldflorin B.V.

Goldflorin is a Dutch gold retailer and custodian, regulated by the AFM in Netherlands as a precious metals’ asset manager (License № 12048392).

The company’s financial license permits us to sell certified precious metals through a webstore, act as a custodian of gold for its customers using internal/external vaults and offer digital gold ownership opportunities to retail as well as institutional investors. The company the only European regulated entity with a permit from the Dutch National Bank to facilitate direct integration of gold-backed tokens.

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Impact on the Financial System

Amidst economic uncertainty and eroding trust in national currencies, the resurgence of gold as the foundation for global financial systems is inevitable.
GFL emerges as a catalyst, driving a profound transformation in both traditional finance and the crypto landscape.

Bank Reserves

Tokenized gold reserves reduce storage costs and enable efficient, transparent reserve management.


Instant settlements for international trade, bypassing currency volatility risks and dependencies on fiat.


GFL safeguards against inflation and currency devaluation, valuable for economically unstable regions.


GFL sets the standard as a stable, benchmark cryptocurrency for other digital assets.


GFL breaks barriers and enables broader access to digital gold, promoting greater financial inclusion.


GFL acts as a bridge to facilitate the exchange of value between digital assets and traditional currencies



Built on Vestate

GFL is an interoperable security token with a multi-layer architecture that bind it to the ITIN codes and give legal rights of fractional ownership to its holder.

Hard Peg

Tokens are minted when physical gold is added to the vault and burnt on removal. No leverages on the reserves.

LBMA Price Tethering

Oracles and market-making smart contracts ensure real-time price tethering with the LBMA and prevent any crash.

Enforced On-Chain Compliance

The token standard, compliance smart contracts and private chain confirmations ensure regulated flow of funds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common queries about GFL, its operating model and how you can participate in the ecosystem. For more specific questions, please feel free to contact us

Goldflorin receives allocations from the LBMA pool using StoneX. In addition, Goldflorin maintains its own Brinks Vault in Switzerland. All reserves are audited on a weekly basis and made accessible publicly.

GFL tokens can be purchased on the Goldflorin Exchange with fiat currencies like EUR, USD and CHF by credit cards, wire transfers and digital wallets. Users can also swap their ETH, USDT or BTC holdings to GFL on decentralised exchanges.

As Goldflorin has the license to act as a custodian of the gold on behalf of the investors, it has the power to issue securities backed by the underlying gold. Token holders are entitled to their holding at any time and their interests are protected by the Dutch regulators.

GFL holders can go on the Goldflorin portal to sell their GFL to fiat currencies, swap their GFL tokens with other cryptocurrencies or get physical gold coins/bars delivered to their doorstep.

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