Carbon Credits

Discover how Vestate’s tokenisation of certified carbon offsets is enabling participation of global investors in the voluntary carbon markets. Join us in fundamentally changing the way carbon offsets are traded, managed, and accessed across multiple geographies.


Carbon Offset Tokens

Vestate, in collaboration with ClimateCarbon, tokenizes spot and futures of certified carbon offsets across various standards like VER, VCS, EUA, CER, and I-REC. These tokens are sourced globally, creating a standardized exchange for retail and institutional investors to participate in the Voluntary Carbon Markets.

Distinct security tokens are issued for each project, reflecting avoidance or absorption credits backed by offset amounts certified by the regulators. Our Standardized Carbon Token (SCT) provides collective exposure to all offsets, simplifying investor access to diverse carbon markets.



Tokenising Diverse Asset Classes

Uncover the economic principles, technological implementation, and market dynamics behind carbon tokens, driving sustainability and market transparency.


Creation and distribution of carbon tokens to represent certified carbon offsets.



Trade carbon tokens among participants in secondary markets



Burning of carbon tokens from circulation when used for offsetting emissions.



Market participation with an ETF-like token for all active carbon securities.



Benefits of Tokenisation

Carbon credits are the primary financial mechanism to combat climate change. But the carbon markets must scale 15X by 2030 to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

By harnessing Vestate’s technology, ClimateCarbon is able to add liquidity and transparency to the voluntary carbon market, allowing more capital to flow directly to major conservation, reforestation and ecosystem restoration projects.


Improved visibility of pricing and project data, benefiting all market participants


Enhanced market liquidity through coordinated credit sales based on specific criteria


Tokenized carbon offers programmability, enabling seamless integration into various applications


Retail investors gain access, driving demand in the market and supporting carbon projects


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common queries about GFL, its operating model and how you can participate in the ecosystem. For more specific questions, please feel free to contact us

Carbon tokens offer traceability, transparency, and fractional ownership through blockchain technology, distinguishing them from traditional carbon credits.

Yes, carbon tokens offered by Vestate are compliant with environmental regulations and adhere to established standards.

The value of carbon tokens is influenced by factors such as certified offset amounts, market demand, carbon credit prices, and regulatory policies.

Carbon tokens provide easy market access, enhanced liquidity, transparent tracking, and the ability to support climate action while generating financial returns.

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