Fund Investments

Discover the future of fund investments with Vestate. Explore our innovative approach to asset tokenisation, enabling LPs to optimise portfolios while preserving fund performance and integrity. 



Tokenised Fund Investments

By tokenizing fund assets, Vestate empowers LPs to rebalance investments seamlessly while maintaining fund performance and integrity. Our innovative solution offers control, efficiency, flexibility, and portfolio management, while ensuring liquidity for timely exits when needed. Take charge of your investment strategy with Vestate’s asset tokenization expertise.


Overcoming Obstacles in Fund Investments

Limited Partners encounter obstacles in portfolio rebalancing or making unplanned exits in traditional fund structures.
Conventional methods entail complex negotiations, administrative hurdles, and potential disruptions to investment strategies. Moreover, LPs have limited transparency and control over investment allocations. Vestate provides a solution through its tokenised structures, mitigating these challenges effectively.

Case Study

CES Logistics Fund

Vestate is collaborating with CES Investments LTD, a category 3 fund management company registered under DFSA (Registration № F005541), to launch a tokenised logistics fund. This fund specialises in fractional ownership of maritime vessels and tokenised freight forwarding agreements. Leveraging Vestate’s technological expertise, the fund enables digital commitments from global LPs, offering access to the lucrative ocean freight markets.


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the power of Vestate’s tokenized fund solutions, empowering funds to unlock new opportunities and provide LPs with enhanced control and flexibility in their investment strategies.

Tokenizing fund assets with Vestate offers enhanced portfolio management, increased investor control, improved transparency, and the potential to attract new investors.

Tokenization enables easy LP exits by providing liquidity and flexibility through the ability to sell tokens on secondary markets.

Vestate can tokenize various asset types within funds, including real estate, infrastructure projects, private equity, and more, expanding investment opportunities for LPs.

Vestate ensures regulatory compliance by adhering to relevant frameworks and working closely with legal experts, creating a secure and compliant environment for tokenized fund structures.

Yes, Vestate's tokenization platform seamlessly integrates with existing fund management systems through its flexible API, allowing funds to leverage the benefits of tokenization while maintaining their preferred operational infrastructure.

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