ABST Wallet

Discover the secure and feature-rich ABST Wallet, designed specifically for managing security tokens. Take control of your digital assets with advanced functionality and seamless integration with the Vestate ecosystem.


ABST Wallet

The Vestate Wallet is a secure and user-friendly solution designed specifically for managing security tokens. It provides a seamless interface for investors to access, store, and transfer their digital assets with advanced features and compliance support.

With its multi-asset support, cold storage integration, and secure transaction execution, the ABST Wallet offers users a comprehensive solution for managing their security token portfolios. Seamlessly integrated with the Vestate ecosystem, it enables investors to stay informed with real-time market data and easily access investment opportunities while maintaining full control over their digital assets.

Your Gateway to Secure Token Management

Explore the powerful features and benefits of the ABST Wallet, providing a secure and user-friendly interface to manage your security tokens with ease.


Manage a diverse portfolio of security tokens from various asset classes within a single wallet.

Cold Storage

Safeguard your private keys and assets with seamless integration of hardware wallets and cold storage solutions.


Execute secure token transfers and transactions using advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms.


Gain comprehensive visibility into your token holdings, transaction history, and portfolio performance.


Ensure regulatory compliance with built-in features for KYC verification, AML screening and adherence to legal rulings.


Connect your wallet to Vestate for enhanced access to investment opportunities and portfolio management tools.

Market Data

Stay up-to-date with real-time market prices, token valuations, and performance metrics for informed decision-making.


Enjoy a user-friendly and intuitive interface designed for easy navigation and seamless token management

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