Secondary Marketplace

Discover Vestate’s vibrant secondary marketplace, where tokenized assets can be bought and sold with ease, providing liquidity and unlocking new investment opportunities.



Access a Dynamic Secondary Marketplace

Experience a robust and user-friendly secondary marketplace where investors can trade tokenized assets efficiently and securely.

Liquidity Boost

Enjoy enhanced liquidity as tokenized assets can be easily bought and sold on the secondary marketplace, providing flexibility and investment opportunities.

Diverse Asset Selection

Explore a wide range of tokenized assets available on the secondary marketplace, including real estate, equities, bonds, and more, catering to various investment preferences.

Transparent Market

Benefit from transparent and fair trading on the secondary marketplace, with comprehensive asset information, pricing transparency, and historical performance data.

Seamless Execution

Execute trades instantly and securely on the secondary marketplace, leveraging transfer smart contracts on Vestate One.

How It Works

Experience a secure and efficient trading process on Vestate’s secondary marketplace, designed to facilitate seamless transactions for buyers and sellers.

Asset Listing

Token owners can stake and list assets on the marketplace, providing buyers with a diverse range of investment opportunities.

Transparent Bidding

Buyers can place bids and sellers can set asking prices transparently, ensuring fair price discovery and efficient trading.

Secure Transactions

Payments and assets are both locked with Vestate’s escrow system and safeguarded through legally binding smart contracts.

Verified Participants

Trading is only permitted between KYC-verified buyers and sellers, ensuring a compliant and secure marketplace.

Legal Settlement

Upon completion of token transfer, the tokens are locked till the security is legally transferred to the buyer.

Data-Driven Insights

trading trends, asset performance, and market dynamics, documents and history of the asset enable informed decision-making.

Invest Now

Market Making with Liquidity Pools

Vestate’s automated market making leverages liquidity pools consisting of cryptocurrencies and security tokens. These pools ensure seamless exits with continuous liquidity. With an oracle equipped with AI insights, accurate market data and insights, Vestate drives efficient trading and liquidity provision.

On-Demand Liquidity and Partial Exits

Enhanced Market Stability

Hedge Against Slippage and Market Risks

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